Those Free Ebook WPA Guides

So you're not too hot at searching. Here's the links. Ones I can't find for free but only in reprint, are in the right column. Note that these have always been public domain. If they aren't online, it's because none of us have scanned them and formatted them.


Alaska 1939 (and it's only a territory)

Arizona 1940

California 1939

Connecticut 1938

Kansas 1939

Kentucky 1939

Idaho 1937

Illinois 1939

Iowa 1938

Maine 1937

Massachusetts 1937

Minnesota 1938

Mississippi 1938

Missouri 1941

Montana 1939

Nevada 1940

New England 1939

New Hampshire 1938

New Jersey 1939

North Carolina 1939

Federal Project One in Ohio (1936)

Oklahoma 1941

Oregon 1940

Rhode Island 1937

South Carolina 1941

South Dakota 1938

Texas, 1940


Vermont 1937

Wisconsin 1941












New Mexico

New York State

North Dakota




Washington D.C.

Washington State

West Virginia


There is no sign that any Guide was done for other territories, like Hawaii or Puerto Rico.

Just Search on your favorite bookstore with "Federal Writers' Project" as the author and the state in the title. All of these can be found in reprint, and slowly but surely are making it to the Internet Archive.


Atlanta, Georgia 1942

Berkeley, the First Seventy-five Years, 1941

Berkshire Hills, Massachusetts, 1939

Boston Looks Seaward; the Story of the Port, 1630-1940 (1941)

Cairo, Illinois, 1938

The Calumet Region Historical Guide; Containing the Early History of the Region as well as the Contemporary Scene within the Cities of Gary, Hammond, East Chicago (including Indiana Harbor), and Whiting, 1939

The Central Valley Project, 1942

Delavan (Illinois), 1837-1937 : A Chronicle of 100 Years, 1937

Dutchess Co., NY, 1937

Erie, Pennsylvania 1938

Fairhaven, Massachusetts (1939)

Galena, Illinois, 1937

Houston, Texas 1942

Entertaining a Nation; the Career of Long Branch (New Jersey), 1940

Los Angeles, California, 1941

New Orleans 1938

New York City 1939; New York Panorama; a Comprehensive View of the Metropolis (1938), functions as a preface and overview for the main book.

The Oregon Trail, US 30; the Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean; ([c1939])

Philadelphia 1937

Portland, Maine 1940

Princeton, Illinois, 1939

Rochester and Monroe County (New York), 1937

San Francisco, California, 1940

Santa Barbara, California 1941

Savannah, Georgia, 1937

They Built a City; 150 Years of Industrial Cincinnati (1938); please notice this is a history but not a guide.

U.S. One, Maine to Florida ([c1938])

Planning Your Vacation in Florida: Miami and Dade County, including Miami Beach and Coral Gables; (c1941)

Augusta, Georgia

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Chicago & suburbs, Illinois

Cinncinati, Ohio

Death Valley, California

Fairhaven, Massachusetts

Harlem, NYC

Lexington, Kentucky

Saint Augustine, Florida

San Diego, California

Sudbury, Massachusetts

Tuscarawas Co., Ohio

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